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     Welcome to Mater Dei Academy! MDA is a private Catholic Christian community dedicated to a holistic and competitive educational program. We acknowledge the importance of providing a faith-filled and Christ-centered environment that will lead to the development of the child’s just and positive concept of self as a child of God who is innately beautiful and good. We strongly advocate for a Culture of Peace that underlines respect for life and human dignity and the appreciation of his origin and culture. At MDA, we constantly assess our existing programs and procedures to ensure the best possible curriculum to guide student’s academic and faith development. 

     As a Catholic school we are devoted to the development of spirit and are committed to the six core values which underpin our school's mission and philosophy. Here at Mater Dei Academy, everyone works very hard to provide the best possible learning opportunities for children!

     It is true that parents are the first educators of their children but it would be our greatest pleasure to work with you in the education of your child!


     What are my thoughts about MDA? Top of mind are 3 points: consistent, sincere, and approachable. Over the past 15 years, I have seen how MDA has advanced into what it is today. While not all expectations will be immediately realized, continuous work is in place to improve and progress. Both Administration & Faculty consistently strive for the best plans and solutions; sincere effort is directed at the welfare of not only the students but their family as well; and they are readily approachable for whatever concern or problem which needs discussion. As such, I have felt being part of MDA as a "family" rather than an "institution" alone. My four children are all MDA-educated. I remain thankful to God for this blessing.

Mrs. Wilna Ng, Parent


     A man’s past can be considered a memory - known to him alone. But my decade of learning experience in Mater Dei Academy cannot be bounded by time; it cannot be labeled as mere memory. The experience was the starting point of my journey towards self-realization because this institution builds character but does not engulf one’s individuality. It welcomes confusion and questions from students and marks it as the beginning of a student’s pursuit towards learning. More importantly, this institution strengthens the moral character of an individual and challenges him to fulfill his social responsibility. It imparts to its students a Christian education apt for facing the challenges of a nation yearning to raise the economic and social condition of its people.

Charlaine Erni Latorre, Alumna


     I experienced the goodness of God here at Mater Dei Academy. In my 10 years of teaching in this institution, my faith in God is founded.I have learned to put God first and make Him the center of my life which has helped me to be a better person not only as a teacher but as head of my family. To my students, I impart the same values. I have been teaching Technology and Livelihood Education for 8 years and I believe that my students have been equipped with the basic knowledge and skills essential to face life’s challenges and rise above trials and difficulties with the perspective that life is beautiful and meaningful.Here, I experienced the wonder of God’s best gift…LIFE.

Sir Cris Anago, Faculty



     As MDA endeavors to respond to the dynamic and complex needs of preschoolers in a changing time, it decided to take an enormous leap to change its preschool curriculum to a more modern and progressive one through a franchise of the Cambridge Preschool Curriculum, a Singapore-based preschool.



     “Yes to ES (Environmental Stewardship)!” is MDA’s tagline this school year as it underscores environmental stewardship-the responsible use of natural resources in a way that takes full and balanced account of the interests of the society, future generations, and other species, as well as private needs, and accepts full responsibility and answerability to society.



Educators at Mater Dei Academy conducted their yearly in-service trainings last summer inside the school campus with their focus on enhancing teaching-learning process inside and outside the classrooms.


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